Monday, March 3, 2014

Mac Collection for Spring 2014

I'm one to always look forward to Macs new collections!!! I can't wait to see the colors for this collection.  I'm really digging Kelly's lip color.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter statement pieces and trends

Nothing shows off your style than a statement piece!!! Anything that can bring an outfit to life wether it be a long coat, heels, necklace, leather pants etc.  Hook it up to show your unique style!!!

Extending the Instagram giveaway

All rules and info on the giveaway is on my Instagram! Enter now!!! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Boyfriend jeans.....and such

Long gone are the days when women preferred to show off their bodies in tight fitting clothes.  The boyfriend jean came along a few years back and swept the fashion world off its feet.  What is a boyfriend jean you might ask? It's a pair of loose fitting pants that can be worn casually or dressed up (depending on your style).  In the fashion world fashionistas all over the world seem to love pairing them with heels!! 

Along with the boyfriend trend, wool coats and oversized sweaters seem to be the eye catchers in the fall, to pair with bf jeans.

A coat added to your bf jeans, makes your outfit look comfortable yet chic!! 

In this case (top and bottom pic Cassie and Zoe switched it up and wore the bf jeans with a long leather coat (top) and a casual trench like coat (bottom) either way the whole outfit looks amazing together!!!

Other celebrities rocking the trend.....
Jlo of course is my fave!!! 
However you prefer to rock yours make it a fashion STATEMENT.

Are you loving this trend? How would you rock yours??

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Trend Alert

Happy New Year!!!!!! Haven't been consistingly writing on the blog for more than a year.  Having a kid in 2011 really changed my spare to having none.  2014 I'm ready to get back into the blogging world.

My Instagram @hauterebel_liz has tons of fashion, beauty and personal posts

My first post here will be about one of the trends coming in 2014.

Last Fashion week a few designers had the infamous overalls some of us hated as a child, going down their runways.  Not to panic though we are older and wiser and can definitely make a statement with this piece. 

Rolling the long version up adding heels & a blazer will give your overalls a dressy look

Adding layers is a unique way to show off your overalls!!!

The short version can be worn casual or dressy as well.  Key pieces would be heels, blouse and statement jewelry!!

Do you see yourself rocking this trend? Or is it something you want to pass? 

Overall madness

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lipsticks for the fall

Every winter women take out their wine color lipsticks to look pretty during the colder weather. I am on of those women!  I must admit though when you apply it and you happen to go outside the outline of your lip, it can get a little crazy trying to clean it up. It's a dark color so it's a little harder to take off.  Either way I love the trend. Yesterday and today I played with smoked purple and media by Mac. First pic is media the second is smoked purple.  Enjoy!!!