Wednesday, November 23, 2011

American Apparel Lipgloss

American Apparel has been judged by their crazy looking half naked woman on their ads, but it doesnt take away from the unique-ness of the brand.  I for one love a lot of their stuff especially their nailpolish.  I own a few and I must say the colors are pretty dope.  Now they have introduced a line of AA lipgloss which I'm happy about because they are creme.  American Apparel describes the glosses as follows: "Hydrating Creme Gloss. A vitamin-enriched, moisturizing creme formula. Smooth, non-sticky, long lasting color."  They come in crazy unique names like panty time, topless, african violet (dying for this one) etc.  I am really excited about these glosses and plan to get atleast 3.  Are you a fan of American Apparel?  Are you interested in their glosses? why or why not?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hi Lovely readers!
If you  havent added Pretty Filthy on FB yet. I dont know what you are waiting for.  We already started selling jewelry and have been having giveaways!  Don't miss out on the fun we are having with all the pretty ladies at Pretty Filthy.  Stop by and soon we will be having a giveaway to whoever sends the most people over and mentions your name!  We are actually 10 likes away from our next giveaway.  Come over we are waiting for you!  Trendy styles and Celebrity looks for less!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Victoria Secret Annual Fashion Show (favorite pics)

The show hasnt even premiered yet and I have already heard backstage stories seen pictures and cant wait for the show to air!  Every year I watch the show because of the dynamics of it.  I love seeing the models with the different looks going down the aisle!  My friend got the honor this year to do the backstage makeup I am so proud of her, you have seen her on my  blog before she is the one that does the mac parties at my house and the one who did my babyshower makeup!  Who else cant wait for the fashion show on the 29th?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Fall Fashion

cutest prego ever

love this neutral look the fur vest? to die for

jlo making her rounds in Argentina

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Misikko Hair Dryer *long overdue*

(first time I used the Misikko hair dryer was for my shower)

This is a review I've been trying to get to since my shower this summer! Misikko was kind enough to send me a hair dryer for review!  They are known for their impressive hair dryers and flat irons as you may have seen on other blogs.  I'm not a huge fan of hair dryers but since my hair is naturally straight all I need is a little heat for it to fall flat.  The box came with the hair dryer and a few goodies hand sanitizer, eye liners, etc.  I only used it 3 times and like I said I dont use hair dryers but I just did my whole head for like 10 minutes and it was dry and flat (but then again my hair falls flat all the time).  Maybe if it was a flat iron I would use it more, I do use it more now that its cold because I dont want to go outside with my hair wet.  I personally wouldn't put a lot of usage to it I prefer to flat iron but I do recommend it if you are a pro at using hair dryers because it is a bit difficult for me especially since my hair is long.  In all it does its job.