Saturday, May 19, 2012

New giveaway

Hi it's been awhile since I have done a giveaway! This one is for the infamous Nails Inc baker street nail polish. This gorgeous color which I have posted in an earlier blog and has been made famous by none other than Beyonce is a must in anyone's collection. In my opinion it can be worn in any season. When I wore mine the compliments were endless, it truly is an eye catching color. As a bonus I am adding a mini hand sanitizer from bath and body works in the fragrance vanilla berry sorbet. If you haven't smelled this hand sanitizer you must. I'm assuming it's a seasonal fragrance which I'm hoping it's not I am totally in love with this scent, and hoping they eventually get a fragrance for it. At the store I bought mine the bigger sizes were all sold out, so I racked up on the minis to keep me covered till the big ones come in. Anywho the rules/details of the giveaway are as follow:
Ends June 10, 2012
-U.S only
-18 and over or if younger you must have parents permission.
-you must have an active blog (meaning if I go to your profile and it lists a blog I want to go to a blog that has content on it, not a blank one.)
-you must follow this blog
-leave a comment with your email address along with any extra entries you do.
Extra entries:
-follow me on twitter @dolleyesliz and tweet about the giveaway (post link to the tweet and name you follow me under in the comment section of this post)+1
-blog about it (leave link of post in comment section of this post)+1
-post it on your blogs sidebar (post link to your blog)+2

* might add a few more goodies for the winner*

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vacation Musts....

vacations musts

vacations musts by hautedolleyes featuring a mullet dress

Going on Vacation end of month and put together some of the stuff I will be taking and still have to buy to hook my luggage up lol