Thursday, June 25, 2009


The concept behind me and dolls is I absolutely love dolls. They are the representation of a woman in make believe form. We dress them, brush their hair, do their MAKEUP etc. Us as women do the same. So in my thought everyone has an inner doll waiting to be released besides the fact that dolls actually come with everything and have everything every girl dreams of, but if you have great confidence you will let your inner doll out thats why its called "confidence wear it like makeup". Don't you wish you can buy a car, house and a cute outfit for less than $100 dollars lol UGHHHHHH I wish i lived in a DOLL HOUSE! Anyway about me my name is LIZ, im 25 and I'm just trying to be something in this world of fakes. I love the finer things in life and work hard to get what i want. You can think anything of me and it wont make me or break me its my life and i live it how i want, I am me and always have been you can ask the followers who try to do it like me but there is only one of me. I might love the finer things in life but put me in a middle of a sale anywhere in the mall and i will rack up I am a fashionista and if you think that labels is the only way to be fashionable think again! You should make the clothes look good not the other way around. I AM A MAKEUP ADDICT AND I SHOP WAY TOOO MUCH NEED I SAY SHOPAHOLIC YES LIKE THE MOVIE THE MANNEQUINS TALK TO ME LOL! makeup is my love affair it feels good to get creative with the brush! Fashion has always been my main squeeze! Imma a random chick at times, somedays i can be very bitchy and other days i can be such a sweet heart one thing for sure i am friendly but if you cross me BEWARE!LOL I love a good laugh and 99% of the time you will catch me smiling or laughing i can be real silly at times unless im by myself if you ever saw me at the mall walking you would def write me off as a bitch with my (dont f**k with me face) but if im with either hubby or any of my homegirls im all SMILES! ANYWHO THIS blog has been made specifically for my love for makeup and fashion it will include hauls, fashion, reviews, events, makeup (all types of makeup for every budget), etc. THANX TO ALL THE LOVELY PEOPLE WHO ARE TAKING THEIR TIME TO CHECK MY BLOG OUT AND EVEN TO THE HATERS AND WANNABE'S WHO FOLLOW MY EVERY STEP AWWWW IM SOOO FLATTERED I KNOW I KNOW YOU WONDER WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO STAND ON MY HEELS. ANYWAY Hope you are ready for the ride in my BARBIE MOBILE LOL. I have recently started selling my makeup line called HAUTE DOLL EYES the website will be posted soon, and you can also find me and my products on myspace at!!XOXOXO LIZ.....MRS.HDE

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