Monday, February 22, 2010


im loving tyras chic look the cropped jacket is adorable burberry anyone?
thandies look reminds me of something like old and vintagy(is that even a word lol) i really like it she looks very cleaned up! not that she is dirty i mean the look

the dress is awesome the shoes not so much i dont like them together
lyndsay this is all wrong get rid of that that this dress is to be worn alone not with all the extra gadgets the jacket swallows the dress up
amazing! the shoes could of been different but nice either way
julia looks amazing never realized how pretty she looked especially with that nude lip she looks much younger! and the outfit makes her look very hip!
i am loving fergies tweed jacket

this dress does not flatter eva! the dress is nice but not for her
this is so funky but i love it sometimes i wonder about what they wear but i kinda like this funky mess lol

GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! what can i say i love her
i love j-lo punk rock the jacket the jeans love her my inspiration

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