Sunday, January 9, 2011

Inglot & Mac (mickey contractor) haul & swatches

2 Inglot lip paint sleeks cream in 93 (red) and 94 (creamy pink) 

Mac by Mickey Contractor Collection

Gana blush is like a highlight.  Thats what I'll be using it for! its a light gold sheen

Siahi gel liner would use as a base for a blue smokey eye or as a regular liner is like a blue mixed with a hint of turquoise

top: Yash lipstick its a matte dark nude color bottom: Gulabi lipstick its a fushia pink it doesn't look vibrant in this picture but it is.

They recently about a month ago added the Inglot store to the mall I work at.  I couldn't have been any happier atleast I don't have to go to Times Square to shop anymore.  My friend has become an addict of this store and mind you she wasn't a makeup person at all.  Now I am working on building my Inglot collection I have a few pieces already but now I'm going full force.

The Mickey Contractor colletion was a collection I was so looking forward too only thing that sucked was that only 22 U.S stores was going to carry it.  Thank God for my beloved husband who drove all the way to the Soho Mac store (right next door to Dash) in NYC to pick up my goodies.  There is nothing like having your life partner understand your addictions.

Did you get anything from the Mickey collection? If so please share your thoughts!
Are you an Inglot lover?


  1. the inglot glosses look soo pigmented! i cant wait to go up to the mall and check out the store. & your husband is just too sweet to go to soho for you. i wonder how he felt about the bill lol

  2. Omg Liz Inglot I just recently found out they have one over here in cali Newport beach I just cant wait to get some free time to go over there am so dying to try inglot