Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddys Little Bitch

Daddys Little Bitch  <--------on amazon

My friend Semiah who I have known for about 11 years has gone through a lot in her lifetime!  She has published her first book for women who have been through the same struggles as her!

About the Author (Semiah): Semiah McGraw is a 27 year woman currently still living in Paterson, N.J. A Full time student at Passaic County Community College. Graduating in the year June 2012. A single parent of a 11 year old little girl, striving for nothing for the best. She was once weak and vulnerable, but now she is alive again the woman she was suppose to be a long time ago. She has found the strength to be that woman with her past and the faith and guidence from GOD. She has found a way to indulge her pain through writing, about her life and more. Her purpose is the gift of writing that she has held back for many years and now has found the strength to do so. She is not weak nor is she living all the way in the past, she has found a way to let go each day and open a new chapter in her life for the better. Semiah is not perfect she has her flaws as well but she accepts them and herself for who she is. She has learned how to love and respect her self first. Without her mistakes, flaws, and her past it would not have made her the woman she is today! Thank You Lord.

Prologue: The fun nights ended. Things drastically changed. I wanted to go back home so badly (eyes welling up). I missed my family and I was worried about them. I had no outside connections. I could not leave out of the house (body shivering). Daddy took advantage of me (tears flowing down my face). He turned into a demonic person (body flinching). It all came to light when he brought me a kitten home. The kitten was adorable all white with sky blue eyes. She was blind but she was my new companion. When Daddy saw that I was paying the kitten too much attention, he quickly snatched her from me and threw her in a pot and boiled her to death (screaming hysterically). I cried, while vomiting all over myself. How come he is so cruel to me, I wondered.

Soon after the slaps and beatings pounced on me until he saw blood. I was scared out of my mind (eyes popping out of their sockets, stretched wide). I tried to fight back, but he was so much stronger than me. I had no way out. No escape. No friends to help me. No family. I had no one.

His friends would get drunk and laugh and have their way with me (kicking, swinging arms, tears rushing down my face, muffled screams). Daddy turned a blind eye. He didn’t care. He’d just watched with a grin on his face.

(Head dangles low) I felt like nothing.

I tried to leave but Daddy caught me and put me on lockdown in the basement. He held me hostage like a prisoner. He didn’t allow me to eat, drink, or shower. I seldom slept. I tell you I felt like I’d died and gone to hell.


  1. OMG- I know someone who faced the same situation... I got to get this book~1

  2. This I deep...I'm crying right now from just reading this little.