Saturday, September 3, 2011

PrettyLaced on Youtube :-)

Hi Dolls me and two of my friends who I consider little sisters (yes they are younger than me) decided to put a channel together to talk about everything!!! Something to do for fun!  We named it PrettyLaced (<-- click the word to route you to the channel).  We will talk about all topics and show our silly side in the process!  Hope ya can join us on our discussions and give us your input! We want it to be a fun channel!  Soon I will also start doing makeup and fashion videos on my channel Hautedolleyes so keep on the look out for that.  Working on the channel together with my friends is taking the fear of me being on camera I always though I would be camera shy and I wasn't.  Join me and my friends in either channel I guarantee you a good time and a few laughs! Also follow my friends blog at

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