Thursday, October 20, 2011

My shopping List for the next month!

Since I gave birth I've been shopping here and there for basics because I had to go back to work!  Now I'm back on my shopaholic mode and racking up on all the latest trends!  During pregnancy I shopped but didnt buy as much as I usually do, only because I was swollen and tired all the time, plus I didnt know how big I was going to get. Which lucky for me I didnt get that big!  I wore my same shirts my whole pregnancy and only bought one pair of maternity jeans (yuck) and I wore the heck out of a pair of jeggings that I had that fit my whole pregnancy!  Now that I lost most of the weight (my belly is still a little jiggly because my csection still hurts so I dont want to do sit ups) I am hauling.  Last friday I went to the mall and bought my daughter more stuff for her fall wardrobe including a blazer, faux fur boots, purple flats etc (im a BABY GAP freak so I got everything from there *pics will be up soon of her wearing some of the stuff*) Anywho I also got a few things but I was in love with a hot pink cropped sweater from H&M and a beige faux fur vest! Those were the 2 pieces I loved the most, I will do an outfit of the day as soon as I wear them!  I decided to do a shopping list of my must haves for the next month and I wont start a new one till I get all the ones on this list first! I wont include designer handbags and shoes I keep those private :-) but if I do an outfit of the day I will say what kind of designer it is if I'm wearing one!

whats on your shopping list? Please do share!  My new obsession this fall has been royal blue and orange! Cant get enough of it

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