Thursday, November 3, 2011

Misikko Hair Dryer *long overdue*

(first time I used the Misikko hair dryer was for my shower)

This is a review I've been trying to get to since my shower this summer! Misikko was kind enough to send me a hair dryer for review!  They are known for their impressive hair dryers and flat irons as you may have seen on other blogs.  I'm not a huge fan of hair dryers but since my hair is naturally straight all I need is a little heat for it to fall flat.  The box came with the hair dryer and a few goodies hand sanitizer, eye liners, etc.  I only used it 3 times and like I said I dont use hair dryers but I just did my whole head for like 10 minutes and it was dry and flat (but then again my hair falls flat all the time).  Maybe if it was a flat iron I would use it more, I do use it more now that its cold because I dont want to go outside with my hair wet.  I personally wouldn't put a lot of usage to it I prefer to flat iron but I do recommend it if you are a pro at using hair dryers because it is a bit difficult for me especially since my hair is long.  In all it does its job.

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