Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update on me and Pretty Filthy

So April 12th came and went finally. The launch event for Pretty Filthy was everything and more than we expected. The journey to launch our website and business was 2 years in the making. Summer 2010 me and my best friend had a talk about starting a business. For those that have followed me since MySpace know that I was in the works to start another business aside from makeup on my own. But hearing that my bf was also interested in the same was great. End of summer 2010 we started the research process together, everything from brands that we would carry to accessories. We had a lot of luck and a lot of not so much luck. As we were getting into the mix of business I got the best news ever I was expecting :-) this slowed us down a lot. As you guys should remember I had a bad pregnancy and was sick from beginning to end. So we barely ever met to discuss business. After I had Neah 3months later we started the doing business again. Around October we started putting accessories on the pretty filthy Facebook. We were so happy to see things were selling. We gave it a break on facebook till the launch. We had an amazing outcome! The two months before the show were very chaotic. Practice, vendors, promoting etc wooossahhhh. The day of the show was very nerve wrecking but the end result was the best. Here are a few pics of the event. Don't forget to check out
We had an amazing glam squad.

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