Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Recent Trends

the beckams bending it like they usually do! They look like a very gorgeous couple well not they look they are a very gorgeous couple they compliment each other very well!
im not sure what i feel about leightons outfit its kinda different so thats a + but dont know if i would wear something like that lol

miss gaga rang in the new year dressed like this! I recently became a huge fan of gaga but not of her outfits i do condemn her style for being so different but some of those outfits are just to crazy for my taste lol

Kims outfit for new years eve was very funky and i loved I would of toned down the shoulder pads just a tad bit but other than that it was cute
Ok here goes what everyone raved about the day after new years eve! I personally thought she should be praised for wearing something like that but I dont think it complimented her stomache area to well it made it seem like she had a kangaroo pouch lol I do love la lopez she is my fashion icon and idol but i think she could of done without the beige under!

Stunning I love how j-lo brung the corduroys back love it A+

ri-ri takes the prize hands down she made a regular outfit very funky

loving christinas shoes she totally rocked this outfit

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