Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've been very shocked at how many questions people have asked about being in a relationship since im married. I can only talk about what I've seen and what I have experienced. Im going to break it down in categories of different relationship types!

"The friend with benefits relationship"
This is the beginning of the end. If you are in relationship well this one is really not a "relationship" but anyways if you are "talking" with someone and are giving up the goodies, this guy will not take you serious. I haven't seen a relationship like this last longer than a few months if that! A guy sees it like this, if you can give up the goodies without a relationship you will give it away at any given time whether alone or with somebody, definitely not the kind of girl a man wants to call wifey!

"The jumpoff relationship"
These are definitely the girls men only want some booty from! They got their wife or girlfriends but want that extra, these are the ones I would be on the watch out for (poor elin woods i would of beat them chicks down). Again the question why do men cheat? Simple they are not satisfied at home. Girls you gotta make sure if your man is a good man that you focus on his needs and live like a doll but sex'em like a pornstar and dont forget gotta feed'em. If not you gotta look out for the Cassie's running around (have you heard her jumpoff song). Dont ever settle for less dont ever be someones jumpoff be someones priority not an option! If you can settle for less while a woman is at home being dogged you should be ashamed. Remember she is a woman also! you wouldn't want to be in her shoes!

"The devoted girlfriend"
So you are his one only! Try to keep it like that you want to make it to wifey status. If its meant to be it will happen. Always keep the trust if there is trust in a relationship it will work. Keep your position! go overtime if you have to lol love each other to death (not literally). This relationship goes both ways if you are giving 100% and he is only giving 75% there is something wrong and gotta get him in pace sometimes you gotta give'em a boost and a reality check!

"The abusive relationship"
Where do I start? This one hits really close to home because my mom was in an abusive relationship with my dad and step father! I made a vow that I would never let a man treat me the way they did my mom (rihanna im glad you moved on) If you are in an abusive relationship my one and only response GET OUT ASAP! No woman should be treated like a dog! If you think that is love hunny you got alot of research to do. Get out before its too late!

too be continued....................keep the questions coming

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