Sunday, August 8, 2010

followers that want me to follow their blog!

I know that in order for us to network we follow our favorite bloggers and comment them leaving a link to our blog! So that if anyone is interested they too can follow! Something that has been coming up a lot on bloggers post is the fact that some bloggers leave a comment saying "I love your blog and definitely will be following it would be nice if you follow mine too" ok I don't mind the networking on my blog because I love to check and follow interesting blogs! But don't write that you are going to follow and then you don't. Every person who does that on my blog I check if they following and most times they are not so I don't bother following you either, I will check your blog out but won't follow unless your blog is that good that I can't resist. I only follow blogs that are interesting and are updated atleast once a week. With that being said if you follow me and want me to check out your blog for a potential follow leave your link in the comment section. Xoxo


  1. I really like how you posted this. It's completely relate-able and i appreciate you expressing the sentiment

  2. yea that doesnt make much sense to follow people who don't follow u in the first place.


  3. @makeupbydiana its not even about following people who follow you, its about people lying that they going to follow you and dont. i follow people who dont follow me, but if i like what they talk about thats all that matters, not everyone is going to like what i talk about and its okay but dont leave a comment saying "imma follow you come check my blog out too" and then dont follow

  4. Im a new blogger and i have found so many good blogs here that i don't care about them following me, I follow anyway.Really if we do want someone to follow us we have to make our blog worthwhile..

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