Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fashion ON THE GO!

I love the design of the dress but the color and the material used for it its not that flattering its borderline cheap!

I'm not crazy about the gloves being part of the dress, but the dress minus the gloves would look stunning on Angelina and ofcourse a different shoe maybe an open toe!  Velvet is in now for the winter!

I'm not sure what it is about Angelina but she is a very gothic sexy woman,  To me what makes her so sexy is the mystery about her!  I love how she mixed different textures with this outfit, the velvet up top is hot!

I am so feeling the boots and the jacket!

Gwenyth looks fierce BUT straps on the shoes takes away from the string keeping the dress together!  I would of done a simple open toe!

Herve+Brian Atwood shoes+ J-LO= THE HOTTEST BITCH IN THE GAME! It has been proven time and time again fashion wise Jennifer Lopez has no competition.  The woman is the total package!  I guess thats why she was named STYLE ICON OF THE DECADE!

Jessica looks so cute I love the dress!

Kat de luna seen shopping in Paris looking so comfy!  Love the fur and the bag!  The color of the bag is hotness!

This Alexander Wang dress is to die for i I love the shoulders and ofcourse the simple open toe louboutins.

Minka pairing this dress with these Jimmy Choos was done perfect!