Sunday, December 5, 2010

Keeping up with Kim Kardashians Fall wardrobe

Since the Kardashians been in NYC any fashionista can't help to notice the trends they have been rocking.  If you are from the East coast  you would know that knee high boots (over the knee boots) scarves, blazers faux fur and cardigans are usual in our wardrobe in the winter.  Glad to see they incorporated everything we are use to rocking into their wardrobe aswell.  The trends Kim rocked since she has been here has been out of this world. 

this is one of my fave looks I love wearing light skinnys with nude pumps.  I am obsessed with everything nude especially shoes and lip products.

This outfit is to die for loved the way she paired the orange hermes with the orange leopard scarf.  Leopard scarves have been a big deal for us this winter I have it in green leopard, white leopard w/coral, and recently the red and black leopard which I cant wait to wear! I might make a post about them next!


  1. I love every outfit! Monica rose is the best stylist! =)

  2. @tiffanymonet I totally agree monica does a great job styling them! But I always wonder if she is always with them I doubt she styles them 24/7 there is no way she would leave her baby and hubby in LA to dress them everywhere they go! Wish i could meet monica so I can ask her lol

  3. All of these outfits you posted are almost exact to what Kim would normally wear in LA, you should see some of the stuff that she rocked in the begining! She deg got a clue after she read blogs. :) Love all these outfits you posted.

  4. Great styling that leopard scarf with the orange in it.


  5. I like kim K this girl has style for days =] and i love how you always are up on your fashion A game =]