Friday, July 24, 2009

What every DOLL should own!

Whats up dolls: So the next topic I decided to do a blog on was what every woman should own! I know every ones situation is different money wise but that shouldn't take away from the needs of a woman! No woman can lie, we all love the finer things in life, with a little saving you to can own some "expensive things" So here's a list of what I think every doll should own (this is my opinion)

1. A pair of black pumps

2. A pair of red pumps

3. A pair of barbie pink pumps yes they are fierce

4. I know this one is going to surprise some of ya but every woman needs a pair of christian louboutins these will set your pocket back more than $500! cause each pair costs more than $500 but its a must in every DOLLS closet! I'm all about the shoes!!!!

5. This one too will set you back a few hundred dollars. A speedy 30 LOUIS VUITTON bag!!!! This is the essential! you can own different louie v's but this must be your first I use this one for everyday purposes & the other only makes special appearances. But I always switch back to the original!
6. A pair of "tight ass" skinnys! Damn a body will look mean with a pair of skinnys and some 5 inch heels! Can you say SEXY BITCH. The pair does not need to be expensive I own about 9 different colors and about 5 were not expensive they were from Dear old forever21 (less than 15 bucks) and the others are from express, bebe, armani etc! And dolls don't be ashamed to shop at F21 Fuck that save yourself a buck! Guess what a lot of celebrities rock F21. Especially on of my idols Kim Kardashian who is notorious for shopping there and at h&m and target! So fuck all that shit that bitches talk about only rocking expensive shit!!! Rock what you please! Your wardrobe should vary!

7. A push up bra (well for the mommas that wear a "B" cup or less) Its great to wear a low cut top with a push up to make Pamela Anderson jealous lol

8. A red lipstick " for a night of tricking with the girls

9. A sexy nude lipstick for a neutral look

10. A mac lip gloss you should have one lingering around your pocket book

11. A pair of hoops

12. A little black dress "think back audrey hepburn era"

13. A pair of loafers!! Sometimes you want to have a put together look, something like a polo a pair of skinnys and nice pair of loafers very nice!

14. A pair of tights they go with everything and can be worn casual & or dressy!!

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