Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whats IN!!! Leatherette Bombers

The hottest item going into the fall once again is the leatherette bomber! These little leather jackets are so cute and can complete a cute night outfit! I would hate to see anyone rocking this with the sun beaming lol! These bombers have been in and out this year but it seems like they are in again! The ones on this blog are from they are about 58.00 which is a great price I'm thinking about getting a black one know but dont know which style to get! But Im def going to get one this week. Also bebe has them too for about 98.00-129.00. Don't be caught this fall without one! Arden b and bebe have the cheapest ones out there right now in real leather! Charlotte Russe also has a red one that is fire gives the michael jackson vibe and its 59.99. Some places have them for more but I say stick with the better price!
Here is my fellow doll Jissy rocking hers during my bday bash in March we had them before anyone had theres we got them in 08'! Yes when you are a fashionista you rock things that no one is rocking and before you know it, it becomes the next anticipated fashion! Here she went with the whole Rhianna look and like always she killed it her jacket is from! love you girl cant wait for our next event! DOLLS RULE
& Here I am fabulous ol'me lol I rocked mine in a boho style look! This is what I wore to my bday night out with the girls! With the matching highheel gladiator!My jacket was from banana republic originally 298.00 but ofcourse i got a good price on it.

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