Wednesday, September 16, 2009


here is SJP during fashions night out everyone was suppose to try and wear the fashions night out tee and make it into a fashionable outfit I actually love it its real creative
I think Victorias shoes are better than Marys but the dress looks nicer on Mary cause she fills it in

Rachel looks extra cute with these outfit its perfect from head to toe

For once I think Kim flopped on this one, her makeup looks washed out and the outfit looks better with the white shoes so imma give it to Ashley A+ and the red clutch makes it even better

Hot disaster this actually reminds me of something my friend Britt would wear lol (dont kill me girl)

You cant really see their outfits but I justwanted to say Lady gagas face covering is getting out of control lol
I love this outfit on Lauren the clutch makes this outfit POP

Here she is again at a fashion week after party is she serious????????
Love it she looks gorgeous!

Even though I wouldnt have done it with the boots she actually pulled it off go kelly~!

The shoes makes this outfit HOTTTT! I just think Kate could of done better without the necklace
Again Kim looking awesome

Do blondes have more fun? Apparently look at Jessica with the knee high boots love it

Jennifer always with the girl next door look and I love it

This outfit is so simple yet chic! If she only had a different color shoes or a clutch maybe hot pink!

Can you say disaster! And what is up with that hair!
Chanel from head to toe and Rachel is rocking it very well I love the whole thing! See how she is wearing all black but the necklace makes a difference
Rose modeling wedding dresses and she looks stunning
I think this outfit is very chic

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