Monday, September 28, 2009

Trends trends and more trends!!!!!!

I like this look on victoria and she actually looks happy in this pic not mean like always
Tyras jacket is fierce but I would prefer it a bit shorter

She looks fabulous

These boots are to die for! Ri-ri is killing this outfit

Ri-ri once again looking so exotic but oh so nice

I love this too but Im not to sure about the top but the tights are fierce
I love lucy's dress color and with the off gray pumps it looks very classy

very chic!
This woman is the epitamy of classy j-lo will always be the #1 fashionista
This very go to work classy! I think the pants are too wide but I would still wear it!

who wore it best? I think hayden killed madonna on this one

gorgeous dolls!
love this color and she looks amazing
eva again looking very classy/chic

Here christina looks like she came a long way from her dirty days
I think B could of done without those pumps

very girly but cute
Ashley looks very grown up!
i go with amanda on the left

When i saw this pic of ashanti I couldnt believe it how she changed her style but i love it im not too crazy about the heel but the outfit itself is hotttt

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