Monday, September 28, 2009

recent haul~and random stuff

So i shopped the style black collection twice! The first time i went was last week because the Nordstrom at my mall released the collection a week early so I had to get up on that black lipstick before it was sold out so i got the lipstick and the volcanic ash exfoliator which I have not tried but i will so I can review it! The second time I actually made an appointment to get my makeup done, so I can buy more stuff! So this time I got another exfoliator, the greasestick, 2 brushes, moisturizer, minerilzed skinfinish, girl friendly paintpot and the young punk eyeshadow from the collection. After coming home I realized that young punk has way to much glitter for me, the look I got done actually was done with that eyeshadow and another one from the collection but Im not too much into the glitter. The greasestick would not come off at the end of the night it took me forever to get it off, im not a big fan of pencil liners im more into the liquid ones. Anywho that was my haul for the past two weeks!

On another note I am overly obsessing over this essie nailpolish in chinchilly: my friend got this done for her mani and pedi and I fell in love so now im on the hunt for it!

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