Friday, November 6, 2009


Did anyone see the the Rihanna interview? I did and let me tell you this girl has a lot of soul coming out into the open about what happened to her! Well of course we know this is because her album drops in a few days and she needs the publicity but what she went thru was serious. None of us were there when it happened but from what she has said I can tell that the situation was not that serious for him to put his hands on her the way he did. And the most sad part is that it wasnt the first time he ever did it according to her its was the 8-9th time. So why did she stay, me coming from a family where the women have been abused by there significant other I believe she stayed one because of blinded love, sometimes woman think because a man is jealous or abusive that's a way of showing love well not exactly! two because she was probably scared of him three she didn't want to see him with no one but her and three because she didn't want the stuff she was going thru to get out in the open. Whatever the case was she learned her lesson in a harsh and mean way! No woman ever should be treated the way she was. I know they're a few girls that are going thru the same thing and let me tell you its never too late to get out and its better to get out now then wait for it to escalate to something worse. In this case the relationship was an obsession they had with each other to some other girls the case might not be the same. I find it hard to believe that sometimes woman stay out of fear from a threat the guy has said to them! You can get help!!!! Don't ever think this is the last person you will ever be with there is someone for everyone. Sometimes its not always physical abuse, it can be emotional abuse this is just as bad I know woman who have gone thru emotional abuse and their self esteem is soooo low! How can you let someone else change the way you feel about yourself you should love yourself no matter who or what has anything to say about you! I've been thru things in my life that no one can imagine and I see myself now at 25 so secure and confident about myself that nothing or no one can take the high I have on life I have always been like that. I know when to put my guard up and when to let it down. I would never ever let a man disrespect me in anyway.

Unfortunately some domestic violence ends up in death, get out of it while you can don't let it be tooooo late!

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  1. I agree that interview was deep. I wasn't expecting them to go that much into detail about what happen. I commend her for coming out and telling her story maybe other girls will get the strength to come out of their domestic relationships