Sunday, November 22, 2009

REVIEW: Kiehls Supremely Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

Supremely Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover
As seen in Lucky magazine (September 2009 issue, p218).
A lightweight, ultra-gentle, non-greasy lotion specifically designed to remove eye makeup.
• Meets the need for a most natural, effective, and gentle action.
• Provides moisturizing and antioxidant benefits when tissued but not rinsed off.
• For all skin types that desire a safe, gentle, yet effective eye make-up remover.
• Safe for contact lens wearers.
• Ophthalmologist-tested; not tested on animals.
• 4.2 ounces in a plastic bottle with flip-top cap.
So a friend of mine (daniel) told me about this make-up remover she had seen on tv. She bought it for herself and told me it was fantastic so I had to try it! And I can honestly say I'm impressed it actually worked like magic. It was so smooth and gentle and left no dryness or left over makeup. Everything came out with a swipe! I loved it because my skin is very sensitive and this did not irk it all........Definitely one of my new must haves! The only thing I do dislike about this is the small bottle for $16.50 but it was well worth it! You can buy this at kiehls or at neiman marcus where I found mines! I definitely recommend this product who is looking for a good makeup remover.
NOTE: this is my OPINION you can use this product at your discretion. If it worked for me it does not mean it works for you which is perfectly fine everyones skin is not the same! xoxo


  1. A Kiehls counter just opened up in one of the department stores where i live...and i have been wondering what i should try...and i think this will be my first purchase...thank you for the review