Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hermes-que Tote Bags are all the RAVE at "Pretty Filthy"

More Coming soon! From December there was a 3 month wait!  And when they finally came in they went back on back order!  I received a few of the red ones for "Pretty Filthy" but gave them away to a few people who are helping with the online store!  More will be available soon!  We really got our eyes set on the blue one (thats the one I want lol).  We will not carry the camel unless you specifically ask for it!  We will be having the red and blue!  First come First Serve if you by any chance wanna pre-order to guarantee you will get one when they ship in June contact our online store email  I have 6 pre-orders from coworkers alone and a few preorders coming in today from an event thats being held at an upscale apartment complex so I can't guarantee you will get one unless you pre-order.  Hopefully I'll have enough for everyone!  Don't be caught without one this summer!

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