Monday, May 9, 2011

My closet must haves & my recent obsessions

thong sandals you can never have enough especially in springs brightest colors!  these are great to be used for color blocking in a casual way!

nude nude nude my fave!  In the summer I love to wear skinny jeans with white tank tops, and tons of gold accessories, there is nothing like a nude shoe to help finish off the clean summer look!

braids braids braids they're everywhere now!  I've been a victim of this trend lately but I do the regular braid I cant do fish braid on myself :-(

I totally adore this look!  Will be trying it soon, gotta see which one of my stylists would like to do it since I cant stand sitting at a salon

Chunky links whether it be on a bracelet or on the neck!  Everyone knows I sell accessories I was selling these last month and sold out really quick!  Most of my clients are local so I sell out of alot of stuff before it makes it on  If there is something you would like to see on my selling site let me know I'll try to find what you want!  There a few items up already!  If you would like to purchase this particular necklace please contact me or leave a comment here!

Louie one of my bff's.  I love these head scarves for summer just to hold my hair back.  My eyes is set on the first color!

I'm a bow freak when I saw these online I had to get me one so I'm going to get the last one nice summer color!

My MARC Jacob jellies which I love!  Everyone gives me compliments on these! Had them on with velour pants the same color as the blue jelly with a gray tank top and a cropped denim jacket and everyone asked about them!  What I love about them is the little gold charms they have that say "MMJ"  I bought these from shopbop for $15 bucks free shipping :-)
thanx to Dhalia from Mzfashioncloset for the link on where to get them

This is Dhalia from (one of the sweetest girls I interact with here on blogger she is such a doll) and I am so loving her color blocking!  Everyone has noticed that color blocking is one of the hottest trends right now!  I love how she paired her bright colors with black and gold accessories!  Even though you really can't see Dhalia is also wearing the MARC jacob jellies!
knuckle rings love love love them these will be available for my jewelry clients in about a week or two!  If you are interested in purchasing one please let me know either here or email me!

Big hair I'm all for it!  My hair is dead straight and can't find an ounce of wave in it lol I would love to get my hair done like this I'm going to try it this weekend :-)


  1. dulcecandy has a hair tutorial similar to this and if your hair wont curl, do what i do and buy extentions haha =) the nude shoes are my favorite, i love nude color pieces

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