Monday, May 23, 2011

Online Store "Pretty Filthy" Coming Soon

As some of ya know I've been in the process of opening an online store for about 3 years!  I did it in parts I first started with the makeup part of it which did great back in 2008 and then I started with the jewelry last year which did great and both are still doing great.  I actually don't sell makeup anymore since I was supposed to release a lipstick line last year but then I got pregnant so I'm not selling makeup at the moment just doing makeup for events!  In 2009 I was going to release a t-shirt line which I never released because I wanted to release it all together with the store!  Last year my bff and I joined forces and decided to go into the online store project together!  Ever since then we have been high and low with mentors and vendors who have helped us so much!  We came up with the concept of having designer brands and non-brands that everyone can afford.  Some of the vendors we are working with sell apparel that even cater to celebrities without breaking the bank.  We want to bring you an online store with celebrity trends for $100 or less!  And we have found them!  A lot of them found us and some were brands that we wear on the regular!  We have been blessed with all the people we have worked with!  Some are even from overseas.  Our store will carry trendy apparel, vintage clothing, makeup and jewelry.  Little by little we will be adding stuff to the store!  We even have those lovely bandage dresses that our party girls love to wear!  We have a launch date of either August or October depending on babys arrival and other factors.  What we will be doing till then is having giveaways and giving people who want to be on our emailing list the chance to shop before anyone does only on our facebook page at Pretty Filthy on Facebook .  To be on our emailing list you can send your email to any other questions and concerns you can email us there too.  Here is a sneak peak of some of the brands we will carry that celebrities wear (without mentioning any brands lol)  Some of my fellow fashionistas know some of these brands.  Keep in mind these are stuff that has already been released new collections come out so we wont be selling the same exact item.

tank (my fave tank cant wait to wear it this summer)

handmade bracelets




Wildfox Couture
(everyone knows this brand and I had told you guys last year that I would be adding this to the online store! this is a given)

tank top


velvet blazer

Are you surprised at all the stuff celebrities wear that dont break the bank?  Pretty Filthy will have you looking trendy and stylish without breaking the bank!

to live and die pretty........[filthy] 

thoughts? comments? questions?

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  1. i am soo excited for this, especially for the bandage dresses! keep working hard! =)