Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Recap (I am a mom)

Me and the Mr.
Hi guys sorry I have not been keeping up to date with ya but I am in so much pain I can"t stand to sit by my computer.  On July 9th I had my shower had such a great time and got so much stuff.  The theme of my shower was Paris theme I had Eiffel towers on each table and the cake had a Eiffel tower painted on.  The cake ALMOST did not make it to the hall because of the heat.  Fondant and butter cream do not go hand in hand I believe it was almost 100 degrees that day.  Also my feet had been swollen since the heat started so I had no choice but to wear flip flops.  All in all it was a perfect day everyone came and showed their support and love I was very very happy.

On July 19th at 11am on a regular ultrasound check up the unexpected happen my daughter started showing signs of wanting to make a early debut (contractions).  After a second attempt at a vaginal ultrasound they came in with the news Liz looks like you are going to have to head straight to the hospital baby is coming sometime soon *gulp* Of course I panicked first person I text was my husband and second my brother.  My brother went to pick me up, while my husband was at work keeping tabs on me.  We wasn't sure if she was coming for sure so we were playing it by ear with hubby. By 1 o'clock hubby couldn't take it anymore he left work and met with me at the hospital.  Later on we were told the contractions had gone down but considering my c-section was scheduled for that Friday anyway they admitted me and kept me, they also told me my amnio would be taken the following morning to see how far along the lungs had matured. July 20th started with the amnio oh boy when I entered the room it hit me that my stomach was going to be tested with a needle eeekkkkk as soon as I got on the bed I started crying hysterical my husband tried to comfort me but seeing me that sad and unhappy he had to walk out he couldn't stand seeing me like that.  The nurses gave me a talk and guaranteed me that it wasn't harmful for the baby or me so we went ahead with it.  I must admit I didn't feel anything and it was over in less than a minute.  Waiting for the results took forever.  Finally they came and said the test results showed her lungs were too immature for her to come out early.  So instead they were going to give me 2 shots of steroids in the course of 2 days which would pump the babies lungs.  Hubby went home to get my bag and necessities since it seemed we were going to be spending some extra time at the hospital. That night they gave me my first steroid shot and let me tell you that needle hurt like hell.  One of the most painful ever I cried as soon as she finished.  She kept apologizing but I just kept crying I was really hurt.  Hubby finally got back to the hospital right before they said the contractions were starting again and were coming closer *OH BOY* the first thing I thought was stupid steroid shot lol but it wasn't that.  The amnio test I had taken earlier that day had a risk of putting you into labor early and that's exactly what happened.  At 3am the nurses bombarded our room and woke us up and said its time.  The chaos that was going on in my room was surreal nurses everywhere, nurses shaving me (before a csection they shave you), nurses dressing hubby in that blue suit so much going on and all I can think was my baby girl is coming and my nerves were thru the roof.  As I'm writing this I get emotional because I can't believe I am a mom. The c-section stunk so bad my husband almost passed out and my doctor too because she was pregnant.  They literally burn you open and it smelled like burnt skin *blarghhh* At 3:37am on Wednesday July 21st Neah Jaide weighing 4.13oz and 17 1/2 inches long made her arrival into this [my] world.  Since her lungs were not mature enough she had to spend her days in the NICU.  Seeing my child in the incubator for the first time broke my heart ughhh I'm such a nerd, as the days passed she made such progress the nurses were amazed how fast she was eating how good her lungs were doing little by little the tubes were coming off one by one.  I was very excited till I got the news that Neah wasn't coming home with us *heartbroken* oh the pain I felt when I heard that my first question was "How Long" they didn't know they had to continue monitoring her to make sure she was 100% before releasing her.  That Monday I left the hospital and fed her before I left oh the water works that took over me when I walked out.  As a parent the hardest thing is to leave your child Neah came home that Wednesday but those 2 days that I didn't have her home with me were the worst.  I cried so much I got sick.  Even though I did go to hospital to feed her it wasn't the same and I cried every time I had to leave her (so glad that's all over with) Now we are home she is doing absolutely GREAT.  But me? not so much  I am still in pain from the c-section and I got an infection plus a UTI.  They have given me the worst fevers, night sweats, headaches, etc .  The aftermath of birth is a disaster for me.  I cant wait to get back on my feet and start doing everything I use to do I hate being in pain.  Oh and by the way the sleepless nights are no joke either lol.


  1. I hope you feel better!! Congrats on your baby girl, all that hard work I'm sure was worth it!! Get some rest! xx - natalie
    The Jazzy Spot

  2. Congrats on the baby girl! I am glad she is home and doing well. And you look FAB at your shower. Love that dress!

  3. Aw congratulations on your baby!! You are glowing and what a sexy preggo woman in that pics you look very happy.

  4. blessings for Neah :) lovely name sweetie:)
    hope the mommy and baby are in good health :D

  5. Glad you & the baby made it through and congratulations!!

  6. Congrats Liz......Neah is such a brautiful name. Welcome to motherhood. :-)