Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trends & Fashion: Kardashians & Beyonce

I love the color of the dress with the bronzy gold but I would definitely went higher on the heel!

They all look fabulous my faves are kendal, kylie, and kourt!

so comfy! love when someone can put an outfit together and be casual but still look fab

The only thing I liked about this dress was the back!!

Khloe looks absolutely stunning in this Myne hot pink dress!  It looks like a romper but its not

so in love with Kourts crochet shorts and they are only 56 bucks chaching love them!  and even more so with those louboutin wedges!

Best dressed for me this night was Khloe with the Cavalli dress!

Beyonce looking sexy in a $24 love culture dress

they look absolutely amazing

I'm pretty sure everyone has seen the "Otis" video by now.  I'm a big sucker for high fashion and they swagged it out in this video. A simple video yet full of swag........don c snakeskin snapbacks $400, Balmain v-necks & Balmain cut sleeve with custom Balmain patches , Collier De Chien Hermes bracelets ,Burkman Bros bracelets $30, cartier love bracelet $5000, rolex (8,000 on kanye), balenciaga cuffs, Hublot Classic Fusion watch (13,000 on jayz wrist), rocawear jeans (on jayz), alexander wang tee, balmain blue jeans & the red ones (kanye)


  1. I love these posts from you.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am trying to bring custom patches back in style!