Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashion....celebrity trends and my fave shopping sites

As everyone knows who follow me here, fb and twitter that I am a fashion freak. I find fashion like makeup to be an art. I enjoy putting outfits together for me and my friends and also giving my opinion when people ask my opinion for an outfit. I can sit here and count how many texts email etc I receive with people sending pics asking if an outfit looks right and what can make it better. I work in the world of retail only because of my fashion addiction! Of course I have my full time job as well but my retail job is more like a hobby because I get to deal with fashion and customers who like to dress up! As a preggo I miss my job because I couldn't take the long hours standing but after baby I will return full swing. Anywho on my blog I post a lot of celebrity fashions and a lot of time people ask me where a celebrity got something or what brand it is. 98% of the time I know, the other 2% I dont because it could be vintage or non-name brand which would be hard to find. I read up on fashion I follow blogs and read tons of magazines a month I can usually spot a designer piece just by looking at it. To top it off I am a shopaholic I shop way to much literally atleast 3-4 days a week I have a mom who likes fashion to so if i forget about it or dont ever wear it I pass it on to her or to my friends which they dont mind :-). The reason I'm writing this post is because I wanted to share some of the sites I shop at and some of the brands that your fave celebs wear. Keep in mind celebrities don't just wear name brand all the time!

Here is a list of my top places to shop online:
1. The Trend boutique (looks and brands from nicole richie, kim kardashian etc most L.A. trends can be found here.)
2. Revolve (another celebrity trend website)
3. Shop Style (a lot of name brands and trends all in one site)
4. GAP (celebrities like Halle Berry and Jessica Alba are seen in GAP a lot especially for casual wear)
5. Express (celebrities like Ashley Simpson, Audrina, Kourtney Kardashian are always spotted in this brand especially for the summer)
6. Forever21 (who doesn't love this store celebrities seem to like it, some of the girls from basketball wives have been spotted in pieces from this store)

**there are tons more websites to shop at but these are my top stores online everything else like h&m, urban outfitters and bcbg etc I just go to the mall and shop.**

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