Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm always asked questions about the makeup field and little advice here and there about doing freelance work? Even though I learned all my techniques on my own thru blogs and youtube I still try to do my best and act like a professional when Im working on clients as If I went through a PRO-school which I didnt! I read this quote on a blog and it pretty much answers the question for me"
"This field is pretty competitive because there are so many aspiring makeup artists. You need to be ahead of the curve at all times and make sure you know of different products out there. From high end to low end products, there are a lot of great tools out there for all clients. You can get ahead by doing your homework and knowing of different techniques for different shapes and colors of faces. Start building your kit with the essentials you'd use on your clients. Beauty blogs and forums are a great way to learn techniques and products. Makeup trends are always changing just like fashion" (MAKEUP BY CAMILLA)
This quote couldnt have said it any better. Every person sitting in front of you should feel beautiful when walking away from the work done! Every girl getting her makeup done should get atleast 45 minutes+ (more if for a wedding) of beauty pampering when you are gettin paid for the job to dollyfy someone! You must learn about different products and techniques to explore and give the client more options I can honestly say for myself I use tons of different products on my clients and always give my input and honest opinion! You want to be proud of your work when you are done not regret what you did! Remember these are the people who put your name out there you should be proud they choose you for their big day! Key point also when doing makeup listen to your client at all times and give your honest input! Dont mix to many shimmer shades making someone look like the ball dropping in time square. Always blend well dont leave any harsh lines. Its okay to mix high end and low end products, just because you use an expensive product doesnt mean you are going to do flawless makeup. Build your makeup kit with must haves and dont forget to throw away glosses and mascaras and every creamy product you have every 3 months, powdered products like blushes and eyeshadows can easily be disinfected with alcohol after every use! Always wash brushes after every gig with brush cleaner or baby shampoo. Im not sure if people do this as often as me but I use hand sanitizer before touching anyones face.

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