Sunday, December 20, 2009


this dress is so sexy and she is also rocking the pumps that are going to be featured in the upcoming sex and the city
Im not sure how i feel about kims outfit i think there is too much going on

this look is very casual but its very nice and i love it

this look is very funky and eclectic something i would def wear
i love this outfit but the shoes gotta go remind me of james brown

nicole has come a long way fashion wise and this look is stunning on her

the mickey mouse tights is the shiiiii i put this pic up for britt my friend who is currently obsessed with the mickey ears

ri-ri looks official with the brown boots and skinnies

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG~ this outfit is one of my faves very creative the best i have ever seen sarah

this im not too crazy about cause the stockings are a no no

i think this outfit is very exotic for shakira but she pulled it off the hair could of been done differently though
it seems shakira has been very stylish lately this look is so chic
lovez ett

very glamourous!

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