Friday, October 1, 2010

Day-02 blog challenge

How did my blog name come to be:
I have always been a fan of the barbie movement! Every woman wishes they were her, she has everything she ever wants with NO job! Since I have an addiction to dolls and always considered myself a doll hehe I decided to get my own makeup line that I named hautedolleyes. From there since I'm an addict of fashion and makeup I decided to bring my passion to the blogging world. As a peron who has many plans I wanted to keep my name consistent. Since I'm all about the doll movement I did my blog url the same name as my makeup line hautedolleyes and named the blog confessions of a doll because pretty much I'm a doll so these are my confessions not to be confused for ushers confessions lol so yeah I'm pretty much just networking the same name as to be not known by many names. If there is one thing I learned about business is be consistent you don't want to have a different name on your brand on your blog on twitter on fb etc because then the question really is WHICH ONE ARE YOU? Ok so I blabbed a little but that's the history behind my blog name.

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