Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 03

A picture of you and your friends: 
I can't do this post with just one pic because I dont have a pic with all my friends in just one pic so here it goes:

on the left Britt my little doll in training and on the right my louie vuitton barbie she owns more louis vuitton than me u and 3 other people put together name the bag she got it its an A+ when you work there! I've known her for 12 years we kinda went our own ways after highschool but last year we got reunited and we've gotten really close lol

me and my smiley chick Zee met her about 2 years ago

Shondel and I known her 12 years we got separated for a few years but not we are close again

these are my friends that have been with me for about 12 years we all met in 1998! the one on the right is my bff Shany, the other 3 are also my besties but Im closer to Shany i love these girls with everything I got!


  1. bestfriends from childhood are the ones that you never let go of ! lol.. my bestfriend.. i haven't seen her in years.. but once we do.. it's like we were never apart...

    and i'm jealous of your friend who has tons of LV.. lol.. i'm saving up for my first one ^_^

  2. aww how cute. its always good to have girlfriends especially the ones that have been there for years with many more to come. :)