Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I love the dress on Tyra and even though its weird Im loving how she made that fishnet stocking into a head mask!  Its kind of avant garde I love the unique-ness of it

Kim has recently been looking a mess but the dress that she has on is adorable

The Kardashians have hit close to home!  For the ones who dont know Kim and Kourt have moved to NYC to film Kim and Kourt take NYC. They are opening their Dash store here so I cant wait for the Grand Opening.  I will faint if I see them!  They have become my fave fashionistas for the past few years!  Anywho the girls look amazing Kim is wearing an american apparel shirt, fendi boots, brown berkin bag, gucci fur and if Im not mistaken the hat from urban outfitters

The Kardashians all with different styles and they all look great

Kim and Kourt in the city! Love Kims hat and gloves and I love Kourts shorts

Kim looks gorgeous I guess since she is in the big apple we will be seeing less skin the cold here is no joke

Loving the floral print on her I would wear the pieces separately though

Im loving the concept of the outfit but wouldnt wear it together i love the shirt that says "she died of perfection"  The blazer is cute

Loving the whole outfit! Rocsi is known for always looking fab in affordable pieces!


  1. I'd love to be a Kardashian because then I could steal all of Kim's only worn once piece's of clothing... But I'd hate to be a Kardashian because Kim looks AMAZING in everything she wears!!!

    Bows and Lavender Lips

  2. i had no idea about kim and kourt taking nyc. this will sure be a hit and i cant wait to go to their store

  3. great post!tyra always makes it work!
    come follow xoxo

  4. Let me add that to my reality TV list of shows to watch. lol