Sunday, October 31, 2010


Karla has a sophisticated look she rocks everything from designer to vintage and she rocks it well

Pam is my guilty pleasure I freaking love her she is 100% real I've been following her probably for as long as she has had her blog I can never get tired of her blog her looks are wild and crazy she will wear and say stuff you would never think of wearing or saying and I love it cause I'm like that too!  I can careless who likes me or what I'm wearing.  I would love to hang with Pam and do alot of  "cray cray fuckery" (in her words)

I'm a huge fan of designer stuff and this blog will have you lusting for everything designer!
Dulce is the everyday fashionista.  She rocks everything from designer to forever21.  Her looks most of the time consist of budget friendly items so its easier to keep up with fashion if you dont have the money to spend on highend pieces.

another vintage fashionista Delmy is the epitamy of glam!

Miss Kimmy has an incredible fashion sense and she is hilarious I love her!!! on twitter she is so f'reaking funny I enjoy holding conversation with her!  She literally makes my day when I read her tweets.  Her style varies but you will almost always find her in her strawberry stilettos (christian louboutins).  She is from jersey I would love to meet her one day I'm pretty sure I would bug out the whole time.

Dhalia is the sweetest blogger I know.  Her fashion sense is very on point.  She also has a vintage style that I love she isnt afraid to take risks they work for her and her body type.  Her makeup looks are also something to check out. 


  1. Karla's Closet and Fashion Bananas are my daily read too. Bleed for Fashion looks very interesting, i should drop by some time later. thanks for the review!
    oh, you should check out Fashion Chalet btw :p

  2. thanks for the links!! i love to read more fashion blogs but i don't know where to start with :) do you have more favourites to share ^_^?

  3. :-)

    Thank you're also a sweat heart. My spanish sister. lol

    I also love Delmy and Karla!!

    Dhalia of

  4. Delmy is BEYOND a FASHIONISTA! Love Dulce too. Soo beautiful!

    && we can't forget Dhalia!! Love ur style too.

  5. Thank you so much sweetie!! =)