Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fashion & Trends

the funkiness of Eva's dress is amazing this is something I would actually see Lady Gaga wear!

Eva is wearing an Emilio Pucci dress and I must admit its a pretty unique dress! I dig it

NUDES!!!! Love the nudes in Kourts outfit she looks very cozy

the kardashians for the DASH opening I was upset I totally missed it Khloe didnt announce it till the day before via twitter and I didnt see it till like 2 hours left to opening!  But I will be going next sunday for my 9th year anniversary! (not wedding anniversary our anniversary of when we started dating)  I think Kim could of worn something different I have seen her in this dress before I thought she would go fancier for an opening of this kind!

Kourt in a vintage dress! Kind of like the funkiness! 
The jacket is fierce

I love Taylors whole outfit the boots are gorgeous

jada look so comfy yet fancy

Kim was recently in the wonderful state of NJ and she went to a Nets game! She wore this one arm fur that was freaking awesome I loved it!  Dont know exactly what it kept warm but it was pretty hot

cozy in the city!

love kourts chanel boots!

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