Tuesday, August 11, 2009

email update!

So it seems that most mail unless it was an order from has been going to the spam folder. I have settings on my mail so I dont get any junk, or stupid mail. I have answered all the emails with questions that have a subject on them and emails from followers! All others stayed in the spam mail and I didnt even read! So sorry guys if you send me graphics or attachments it doesnt make it to my folder to read so please put a subject on your emails and dont send attachments or I wont be able to read them spam mail is just that so I dont even look in it, it gets deleted in ten days so if its in there I dont waste my time! Most of ya are on my address book so like I said if it dont have a subject or you are on my address book I wont get to read it! If you want to send an attachement contact me and Ill send you another email address for it. This email does not allow those in my folder! Also there are alot of blogs contacting to review my products please put a subject on those as well! If I have not wrote you back and you sent me an email I most likely didnt read it or it got deleted in the spam folder! Thanx guys for all the great emails and comments you guys rock, and still no haters on the email I wonder what happened unless it was spam mail and it was deleted but still no names or anything why? cause like I said ya some punk bitches! lol ya so silly get a life!

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