Friday, August 14, 2009

H&M's fall line has me drooling especially da shoes I already got my wishlist

ready for the fall? im trying to be I cant wait for these shoes to come out I am like going crazy! Gotta find a way to sneak the shoes in the house, hubby said if I bring another shoe I have to move out, he was just kidding though he knows about my obsession he actually got me the boots i blogged about before this blog!

im not sure how i feel about these booties they look like they are too low for me I like my boots hooker high lol
these maryjane patent pumps are to die for I want these

i like these too but I have a lot of pairs similar to these

these brown boots im not to crazy about even though i like the details on the front

these are hotttt i want them

these are def going in my closet i love them

i dont know how i feel about white suede boots but i might give them a try why not? i gotta see how they look with me skinnys

this is some of the fall clothes reminds me a little of beyonces video the top dress is to die for

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