Tuesday, August 11, 2009

self confidence, self esteem issues!

So I had to do a blog about this. Only because I have respect for everyone who has great self confidence and self esteem! A lot of girls message me and comment me on how I keep it real and about my confidence. I never had no problem with my confidence. A lot of people lose confidence in school because either braces, weight problem, acne, etc. I never had any of those problems I've always been part of the popular crowd, or always mixed in with the in crowd. I was also Mrs. JFK( my highschool was called john f kennedy highschool this was considered homecoming in our school) I didn't expect it but I got it! Any who so yes my confidence/esteem level is high and don't let anything or anyone bring it down! I usually don't have any problems with anyone or have anyone make fun of my appearance (i actually get a lot of compliments), but I know people who do and let that affect them. If I've ever heard anyone say anything about me I usually always laugh about it and joke about it after, you only live life once so why you worrying about my life! If anyone is ever hating on you or bullying you ignore it, it only shows that you are doing something they want to do, or they envy what you got! The haters I have are 99% haters of things I have accomplished, or haters of what I do! Sometimes they might not even be haters they are just fans, they do what you do and then make it seem like it was their original idea! Confidence is something you should carry with pride whether you are over weight, have braces, or acne problems all those things can be fixed in the meanwhile live every moment like its your last. Even celebrities go through these issues look at Tyra Banks she got cellulite but what woman doesn't have them, Kim Kardashian also has it but you see them in bathing suits all the time I can't say I have the best body in the world but I am pretty happy with my body I wear 34b cup flat stomach and a kim kardashian butt, my body can use a bit of toning around the thighs and calves but Im happy with what god gave me shit I dont be on that diet shit either I love food! and my husband is very pleased with my body so to hell with everyone else! Hate on me I love it! So ladies if you ever feel that someone is trying to bring your pride down, think about yourself and what makes you happy its about how you feel about yourself not what any ones opinion is, out of 100 nice people you will have 1 loser who is struggling with their own issues and tries to bring someone else my own words tell them to go fuck themselves and find a new hobby! xoxoxo THE HEAD DOLL IN CHARGE (like diddy and mase said at one time cant nobody take my pride cant nobody hold me down oh no I got to keep on moving)

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