Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rounding up the weekend!!

So today is Sunday I spent it home all day even though I had plans to do a few things in Hoboken I stayed in I am sick as a dog! But yesterday I was in the mall ofcourse!I put the training wheels on alexandra this week to go shopping, two weeks ago it was Britt and this time I did it with Alexandra. We took express by surprise they didnt see us coming! I had to show her how to do this sonnnnnn lol shout out to britt who reads my blog & no britt no one is replacing you i just had to show alexandra how we do this lol xoxoxo Anyway I'm really not going to be posting any pics on the express stuff! Another place besides express, and banana we stopped at charlotte rousse I just got a ring and some earrings that i fell in love with! The earrings might be a bit heavy for my ears but i loved them!So that was pretty much my whole weekend nothing much went on! So I'm curious what happened to the punk bitches that had made their way to my blog, nothing to say huh? Yeah I know people get brave when they type but I told ya to hit me up on the email ya aint nothing but hating birds lol try to do it like me HATERS ya motivate me!lol enough of ya. Anyway this was the look of the day

The eyes is a smokey look done with the graphic garden palette by MAC, and the lips russian red by MAC

This is my new joint ya already know looking pretty like usual lol now fab is on that pretty shit he mentions it at the beginning!

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