Friday, August 21, 2009

love chanel!

lily allen already has hers I am so jealous

Everyone knows I love dolls! so when i saw this purse by chanel I almost died, I work in a town where the population is mostly russian and my co-worker is russian too I have a few of these matrioshka dolls which are so cute cause usually its a big doll with a bunch of small ones inside that unveil one smaller than the other. In russia these dolls are given usually when a girl becomes a woman almost like when they have a sweet 16 etc! The Chanel black and gold russian handbag was made for the Paris-Russia pre-fall 2009. Vogue Russia made 100 designers create a one-off hand-painted doll for the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the magazine. Karl Lagerfeld took this idea and created a Matrioshka handbag for Chanel instead which will be $6,000. according to lipstickdiaries ASOS came to the rescue and made their own version for $27.59 here.

the cheaper verision is just as cute, but Ill be happier with the chanel one lol im thinking about getting the cheaper version I like it!

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